About us

The Finmor group was born with the aim of providing people with a completely personalized service that accompanies them in the phase of change in their lives. Moving to a foreign country can sometimes make you unsure of what to do and bewildered and on-site support can be reassuring, which is why we provide our knowledge and experience to pave the way.

Present on the territory and the Austrian market for almost a decade, our consultants are constantly striving to find the most suitable solution for every type of need that the customer presents. In recent years, thanks to the various sectors in which our staff has been involved, we have accumulated extensive experience that is able to cover a wide range of situations and conditions.

We have created a network of specialists, accountants, lawyers, notaries, with whom we collaborate closely who offer our clients the right support for every need. Our team chooses the most suitable professional for the situation who offers the necessary advice.

Our mission

Our mission is to make the change of life of our customers peaceful and free of obstacles and we constantly work to make this possible.